The PCB nest is a unique part of each test system. It must be designed and manufactured according to the size and arrangement of the test points of the circuit under test (DUT). In addition to the nest, a push plate must be designed, which, when the push lever is locked, pushes the circuit under the test towards the test probes.

We offer 2D/3D designs and manufacture of the complete test system. All Pinplate nests are made out of high quality and ESD safe materials. We only use test probes from renowned brands.


- push plate (A),
- self-centering bit (B),
- DUT (C),
- nest (D),
- spacer (E),
- baseboard (F),
- test probes (G),
- PCB bridge (H),
- tooling pin (I),
- spring (J),
- linear guide (K),
- shoulder screw (L).

For nests with a large number of test probes, it is advisable to design a PCB bridge into which the test probes and the connectors to connect them to the measuring instruments are soldered.

In the case of a smaller number of test probes, these can be connected directly to a connector mounted on the rear panel of the fixture.